The 4 session programme is designed to be tailored exactly to your needs and requirements, and each tool, technique and hypnosis session is carefully selected to suit you .



How to relearn the ability to

calm, without feeling overwhelmed, so that you can finally realise that you are in control.



How to release negative emotions, without carrying baggage from the past, so you can continue your journey on solid foundations.  


How to spot your triggers, without spiralling into old, negative thinking loops, so that you can rewire new, positive associations.


How to create a blueprint in your mind, without the obstacles of limiting beliefs, so that you can create your own future.






What happens during the session?

Each appointment will vary depending on what each clients needs. Throughout the programme, you may experience some hypnotherapy, NLP techniques and questioning and Mindfulness based tools which will challenge the way you currently think, feel and communicate.

If you have any unresolved trauma, you may also receive some Timeline, BLAST or EMDR therapy.



How much is the programme and is there a payment plan?

The total cost for all 4 sessions is just £240 (only £60 for each 90 minute session).  

If preferred, you can opt for the payment plan, where the cost is split the cost over 3 monthly payments.  


Am I suitable for the programme?

​This programme is suitable for anyone who experiences mild – moderate anxiety, or anyone who feels stuck in a negative place and would like to wipe the slate clean. 


It is not suitable for individuals who may experience more severe forms of anxiety or mental health conditions such as forms of psychosis or current suicidal thoughts or behaviours. 

Sounds great, how do I find out more?


 To arrange a FREE telephone consultation just click here 


"Laura is a lovely friendly person who put me at ease from the start. Having never tried hypnotherapy before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wish I had done it sooner. The Anxiety programme has literally changed my life. I didn't know how badly anxiety was affecting me until it wasn't anymore!

Would highly recommend giving hypnotherapy a go - and would definitely recommend you do so with Laura!"

(Nicole: Anxiety Programme client)

"When I first met Laura, I was in an awful place - my anxiety was the worst it had ever been and it didn’t feel like it was ever going to improve. Laura is such a kind spirited and down to earth person, she made me feel at ease from the offset....

My whole attitude to life has flipped and rather than seeing negative, I now see positive. I’m smiling again, living a normal life and I can’t thank Laura enough for everything - she’s brought me back to life."

(Client B - Anxiety Programme client)

"I never thought it possible to be the person I am today for 10+ years I lost my way and my life was dark living in constant fear - I always said what if this happens or what if that happens .....I now say SO WHAT IF ! And that makes me smile!

Learning to cope and how to calm have saved me from a big black whole that had spiralled out of control and now the world is beautiful and I am at peace inside my own body.

Laura said it was me that had made this positive change to my life - but I still say without her guidance, belief and techniques I wouldn’t be where I am now!"

(Sarah: Anxiety Programme Client)

To read more testimonials, just click here! 

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