Corporate Wellbeing: Management Development

"An employees motivation is the direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager" 

(Bob Nelson)

Why is Management Development so important?



Managers are in a unique position, in that they have regular contact with both company leaders as well as their own reporting employees. 


Therefore their style of management and communication has a huge influence on employee stress levels, overall satisfaction, workplace stress and wellbeing as well as company culture. 

Management Development: What can a leader do?


Management influence is evident at even the earliest stage of work based stress. Here they are able to identify the initial signs of a stressed employee or team, and when identified early, makes it much easier to tackle head on before it escalates to more severe stress within the individual or possibly impact other team members.  

An employee or team experiencing stress, is much more likely to overcome these feelings and behaviours with the support of a knowledgeable manager who is able to manage sustainable employee engagement regarding health and wellbeing. 

Where and when?

During the planning stage, locations and timings will be confirmed, however options can include, onsite, offsite within a suitable venue,  within the Mind Loft office or online via Zoom or a similar alternative hosting system.


Management Development Workshops 


Management workshops are all tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation.

Topics to empower and educate managers could include: 

  • Stress Management for your Employees

  • Recognizing stress within your team

  • Building resilience within your team

  • Effective Communication

Of course your leadership team also experience their own periods of stress. 

This is  why we also offer workshops for management employees to focus on their own personal development.

Topics may include: 

  • Stress Management within the workplace 

  • General wellbeing & relaxation 

  • Building resilience both inside and outside the workplace 

If you would like to discover more, please book a free consultation call for an informal chat about what your organisation requires, and what options would be most appropriate. 

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