• Laura

How not to panic buy...

The events of 2020 & 2021 have certainly provided us with a glimpse of how precarious “normality” can be.

There we were, living our life, when suddenly our lives are turned upside down and we are suddenly filled with uncertainty. You may have noticed many responses to this uncertainty – from yourself and from others – however one element has been particularly noticeable… panic buying.

Panic is an emotion that everyone has felt at one time or another. But what motivates people to panic buy?

In his Hierarchy of Needs (1943), Maslow theorized that in order to be satisfied, there are five levels of needs that are required to be fulfilled. These are:

1. Physiological needs:

What we need to function at a basic level, for example food, water, shelter, clothing and oxygen.

2. Safety needs:

Then we shift to what is required to stay safe, our health, a life free of violence or abuse, financial security.

3. Love & Belonging: