• Laura

Suggestion Script for Mental Health Awareness Week

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, and I am so pleased that with each passing year, this initiative gets increasingly more publicised and positively received.

Specializing in the anxiety field, I regularly post suggestions and tips on my social media pages. During the awareness week, I decided to hold back, and allow the huge amount of helpful information to speak for itself.

Now you have have a week to process everything out there however, I wanted to add something of value, and maybe of difference, to the discussion.

Therefore, instead of a "how to" guide, anecdote something similar, I have put together a suggestion script focusing on making your emotional health a priority. You can do with this whatever you wish. The most important thing with any tool designed to make a positive impact on emotional or mental states, is that it fits in with your lifestyle and you as a person.

  • You can wake up each morning and spend a few quiet moments reading through the words, imagining the great day you are about to have.

  • You could run through the script at night-time, settling your mind down and encouraging a restful nights sleep.

  • You could record the entire script or sections that resonate with you, to a device and use if you ever need a boost.

  • You can memorise particular sentences or passages and use these as mantras to boost your mood and belief throughout the day,or during meditation or self-hypnosis sessions.

As you consider how you make your emotional health a priority, you may also want to ask yourself the following self-reflection questions:

1. What do I do to ensure my emotional well-being?

2. How do I adjust my mindset when I am faced with an unexpected difficulty?

3. How do physical wellness and a healthy diet impact my emotional health?