Your Session

Sessions are mainly solution focused, aiming towards how you want to think, feel and behave, and then taking proactive steps to get you there.


Every individual is different, and therefore every session is different, and you may experience a blend of therapies and techniques to help you reach your goal.   These may include element of the following.


Whilst under hypnosis, you will experience deep relaxation and intense focus. Whilst in this comfortable state, the individual is then able to accept suggestions on an unconscious level, in order to achieve the agreed goals discussed before your session .

Timeline Therapy

Timeline Therapy was created to enable the individual to unearth and then release emotional blocks which may have been formed in the past.   

EMDR & BLAST Technique

EMDR Therapy and the BLAST Technique, are two different tools that are developed for the treatment of issues surrounding traumatic events.

Both tools alter the way traumatic memories are processed, through eye movements, audio cues or tapping, which mimics brain mechanisms experienced during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. 

EMDR aims to allow the individual to develop coping strategies and reduce the impact of previous trauma to their daily life. In addition to being used for trauma (including PTSD and childhood trauma), these can also be used to tackle depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues and phobias.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP is the focus on how our way of thinking impacts on how we live our lives, through how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and how we behave (programming).

Throughout a session, a client may work through a range of exercises in order to think about and approach life in completely different ways.

NLP can be used in all areas of self-improvement and may be built into a clients individual treatment programme. 

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