Your Session

Sessions are mainly solution focused, aiming towards how you want to think, feel and behave, and then taking proactive steps to get you there.

What is the process?


    Step 1:     Contact

Find out a little more by completing the enquiry form or texting 07547 374909

Step 2: Consultation

This free informal chat is an opportunity to ask any questions and make sure  it's the right choice for you.

Step 3: Appointment

Appointments can be in-person or online and are centred on your goals and aspirations. 

What will we do in a session?

Sessions take on a holistic approach with various therapies, tools and approaches blended together in order to provide the best outcome for each client.  Please click on the following links to learn more about each approach. 


Click here to find out more: 


Click here to find out more:


Click here to find out more:

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