Hypnotherapy is a psychotherapy used to create long lasting changes in behaviours, attitude, feelings and emotions.

Whilst under hypnosis, the client experiences a state of deep relaxation and intense focus. Whilst in this comfortable state, the client is then able to accept suggestions on a subconscious level, in order to achieve the agreed goals discussed with the therapist. 

Hypnotherapy can be used for a range of problems, goals or behaviour changes from stress, anxiety  & depression, fears & phobias, pain management, behaviour changes and unwanted habits, dealing with life events, weight management (with the option of the Hypnothin programme for longer term weight management issues if required) and smoking cessation. 


NLP is the focus on how our way of thinking, affects how we live our lives, through how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and how we behave (programming). Throughout a session, a client may work through a range of exercises in order to think about and approach life in completely different ways. NLP can be used in all areas of self improvement and may be built into a clients individual treatment programme. 


The Mind Loft offers bespoke corporate programmes focusing on the well-being of your workforce, from entry level positions up to CEO level.

An investment into the well-being of your workforce can have many positive effects including increased retention rates, decreased turnover, employee loyalty and impact on employee absence rates. 

Through 1-2-1 meetings, group hypnotherapy sessions or informative workshops, topics can include:

- Stress 

- Increase motivation

- Public speaking and presentation skills

- Smoking cessation

- Healthy eating

- Confidence in leadership

Please feel free to call tin order to discuss your business needs in more detail. 


The Mind Loft is delighted to include the Hypnothin programme as part of our weight management offering and be listed as an official Hypnothin weight management consultant. 

The programme is designed for people who have longer term weight management issues or who wish to reduce their weight by a stone or more. 

Covering 3 sessions, it  involves a combination of NLP techniques, analytical hypnotherapy and a virtual gastric band in order to help you achieve your ideal shape, weight and size. 

During the programme, you will also receive a hypnotherapy MP3 for home use. 



EMDR was initially created for the treatment of issues surrounding traumatic events. This powerful therapy aims to alter the way traumatic memories processed, through eye movements, audio cues or tapping, which mimics brain mechanisms experienced during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.  EMDR aims to allow the client to develop coping strategies and reduce the impact of previous trauma to their daily life. In addition to being used for trauma (including PTSD and childhood trauma), EMDR can be used to tackle depression, anxiety and self esteem issues and phobias.


Due to their naturally creative and vivid imaginations, hypnosis can be an ideal tool to help children and adolescents. Having had children of her own, a career within the fostering sector and also voluntary experience within various children's charities, schools and universities, I am adept at making children and adolescents feel at ease and comfortable.


With a parent or carer within the treatment room at all times, the child will join in with some guided imaginative activities and visualisation. Visualisations will frequently include your child's favourite TV or film character or hobby and is designed to be a fun and engaging session. 

Hypnotherapy can be used for common childhood issues such as (but not limited to) bedwetting, general anxiety, fears & phobias, confidence & self esteem issues, thumb sucking, eating issues and nail biting.


Teenagers and young adults face increasingly more pressure in todays society, from issues within education, such as exam stress and bullying, bullying within social media and self esteem and body image pressures.

Before any session with a child or adolescent, there will be a full consultation with the parent or carer to discuss the issues to be tackled and to ensure that all questions are answered before proceeding.

The child will be accompanied throughout the entire session and there will also be a follow up conversation with the parent or carer in order to carry on with the techniques at home.

Anxiety Crusher: 3 Session programme

Split over 3 sessions, we work on your past in order to find  the root causes of your anxiety, with the aim of wiping the slate clean; the present, in order to teach you daily management techniques for your symptoms; and finally your future, building a happier, brighter, tomorrow.


Please see the Anxiety Programme page for further information.   

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