"Earlier on this year year I found myself in a horrific place ! As an anxiety sufferer of many years with the physical symptoms of daily panic attacks, sweating, shortness of breath and the fear of constant dread - they went one step further when I began having psychogenic seizures. Unbeknown to me at the time what they were I feared that my life had come to an end and that my physical health was warning me I’d had enough ! Who knew that one phone call could change this and a lady called Laura was my Angel in disguise !

My first contact with Laura was our telephone consultation where for over an hour we chatted and laughed and I mostly cried - a lot !! Laura’s reassurance and calmness beamed through the phone line and I went ahead to make my booking to begin the 3 session anxiety programme.

Session 1 - Laura took me on a journey through hypnosis that led me to find the person I am today - she gave me techniques of coping and gave me a place of safety and calmness, now no matter where I am I can close my eyes, breath deeply and instantly be transported to this safe place (my place!). I left session 1 feeling relieved and lighter than I had felt in many many years.

Session 2 - my seizures were not happening when I had session 2 so Laura said it was time to look at some timeline therapy but that I would be in control the whole time - Laura guided me through a journey that I found the kindling to my fire and I was able to blow that fire out ! I cried a lot so much so that I could have got a boat home! After my session I called my husband and said not to pick me up and that I would walk - walking home I took notice of my surroundings and let it all in, still crying as I walked the road I realised that my tears of sadness had gone and that the tears were happiness as I finally felt relaxed and calm!! 

Between session 2 and 3 I had more and more improvements - panic attacks ? What were they ! Believing in myself ? Hell yes !! 

Session 3 - I arrived at this session very different to the petrified lady of session 1 - Laura had taught me to love myself again. Make time for me and the simplest word saying NO ! I had nothing else to let go of so Laura gave me a lovely hypnosis session on confidence building - it was an amazing session ! Better than going for a facial or to get my nails done!! 

I never thought it possible to be the person I am today for 10+ years I lost my way and my life was dark living in constant fear - I always said what if this happens or what if that happens ..... I now say SO WHAT IF ! And that makes me smile !

Learning to cope and how to calm have saved me from a big black whole that had spiralled out of control and now the world is beautiful and I am at peace inside my own body.

Laura said it was me that had made this positive change to my life - but I still say without her guidance, belief and techniques I wouldn’t be where I am now !"

(Sarah: Anxiety Programme Client)



Laura is a lovely friendly person who put me at ease from the start. Having never tried hypnotherapy before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wish I had done it sooner. The Anxiety programme has literally changed my life. I didn't know how badly anxiety was affecting me until it wasn't anymore! Would highly recommend giving hypnotherapy a go - and would definitely recommend you do so with Laura!

(Nicole: Anxiety Programme client)




Highly recommend The Mind Loft. Such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Laura is friendly, down to earth and very reassuring.

(Client V)

When I first met Laura, I was in an awful place - my anxiety was the worst it had ever been and it didn’t feel like it was ever going to improve. Laura is such a kind spirited and down to earth person, she made me feel at ease from the offset. 

She explained, in detail, everything that was going to be covered over the 3 sessions of the tailored anxiety programme. At first it all sounded too good to be true - could this really help beat my anxiety, the anxiety I have been dealing with for the majority of my life? 

At the end of the first session, which was all about my past and disassociating bad memories and emotions, I left feeling very tired but I felt like I had accomplished something. As time went on in the 2 week gap that is recommended between sessions, I started to notice positive changes, things that usually fed my anxiety were no longer making me nervous. 

At my second session, which was about the present and dealing with my triggers, Laura helped me recognise address my first symptoms of an anxiety attack and taught me some great techniques to stop it in its tracks. During the 2 week gap I noticed even more amazing changes and I finally started to feel human again. My panic attacks were non existent, I had visited places that had previously made me nervous and felt absolutely fine! 

The final session was all about the future and for me, I needed to work on my confidence. Again, Laura taught me some more valuable techniques and I feel like everything can only keep get better. My whole attitude to life has flipped and rather than seeing negative, I now see positive. I’m smiling again, living a normal life and I can’t thank Laura enough for everything - she’s brought me back to life. 

(Client B - Anxiety Programme client)

Friendly, calm , relaxing, very professional, highly recommend!

(Client VE)

Amazing woman. Listens, instructs and suggests. I came away and had learned so much about myself. Would I recommend? In a heart beat.

(Mrs H)

Laura has helped me so much in so many different ways that I can now see a happier future! Thank you so very much.

What did you enjoy most about our sessions together?  Being able to smile again.

(Jodie - Hypno Antidepressant client)


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