• Laura

Making Friends as a Highly Sensitive Person

Does making new friends feel overwhelming? Do you ever feel alone despite being surrounded by others? Have you ever wished that you could have a deeper connection with someone instantly?

Maybe you feel overstimulated in a busy environment. Or maybe the reason you feel completely alone and drained is because of small talk.

If you crave that deeper connection with others, you might be highly sensitive.

Highly sensitive people (HSP's) are introspective, can become overstimulated if their surroundings are too busy, and feel drained by small talk.

Because of this, making new friends as a highly sensitive person can be exhausting. You might use a lot of energy just trying to feel comfortable around new people. Or you find yourself craving a deeper connection that goes beyond small talk.

The following can help you to make friends when you’re highly sensitive:

Be selective with the people in your inner circle

HSPs are sensitive to their environments and the emotions of the people around them. Because of this, you might find someone’s energy particularly draining. Be selective with the people who you allow into your life: