• Laura

Teaching your kids about feelings

As children mature, they'll experience all kinds of emotions and like all humans, they'll also have reactions to those feelings.

Because of their natural responses, they'll find it helpful to learn to manage their emotions as early in life as possible. You can do a lot to help them with this.

1. Be open and honest about your feelings in your kids' presence

It's important for your children to see you as a healthy, active adult who appropriately expresses their feelings.

  • How you manage your own feelings provides your young child's first lesson in how to express their feelings.

  • Modelling is one of the most powerful forms of teaching behaviours to children.

2. Show respect

Verbally express your feelings in ways that are helpful and that show respect for others. When you or any other adults, appropriately talk about your emotions and share them with each other, kids learn how to do it just by observing.