• Laura

8 Time Management Techniques for Busy People

There are only so many hours in the day. You can’t store it, nor can you borrow more for later, only you can decide what you spend your time on.

Naturally, you’ll want to spend your time on things that add value to your life. But with life being so busy in these modern times, what with jobs, kids, housework and other activities, how can you have time for those things that matter the most to you?

Huge lists of "to-do's" can quickly become overwhelming, and coaching clients of mine know that I am a huge advocate of breaking down larger tasks into manageable actions. Luckily, time management techniques can have a large impact on this feeling of overwhelm that busy people may experience.

Discovering techniques that help simplify how you work, ensuring that you get tasks done more efficiently and giving you more time for whatever you choose is key for ensuring a greater feeling of control and productivity.

The key here is to realise that every individual has different needs, preferences and responsibilities, what works brilliantly for one person may not be the right fit for you and your life.

Try a few of the following techniques, find that perfect recipe and see how much time you can free up, so you can concentrate on what really matters to you.

1. Organize your work around your e