• Laura

Forget the Stuff

Overcoming the Negativity & the Green-Eyed Monster with Gratitude

We live in a society where value and status are placed on material things like cars, homes, and clothes and we all dream about having more – more money, bigger homes, more cars – yet we never seem to be happy.

In fact, instead of being thankful for what we do have, we commonly feel envious of the people who have more than us, and being in constant competition with neighbours, colleagues, friends or family members can be exhausting.

Not only that, but eventually, you then risk losing sight of the important things in life, such as your children, relationships, and health.

Placing a strong value on "stuff", you won't feel very fulfilled and you'll end up creating an inner tension that will only drive you away from happiness. After all, happiness isn't defined by the amount of stuff you collect, and the reality is, no matter how much we have, we always tend to want more.

Studies show that human beings whole-heartedly believe that “stuff” such as the perfect house, car, body or career will make us happy. In fact, what really raises our happiness levels are the experiential side to life, the trips, the relationships, the walk, or the delicious chocolate cookie.

Remembering What You're Grateful For

If you had to list what's good in your life, right now, and you weren't allowed to mention any material possessions, would you find this difficult?