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Note down the answer to each question and see which of our therapies we recommend for you.

If I could let go of negative experiences from the past, I know I will be much happier.

 A - Yes, I have previous trauma that is impacting on my emotions, behaviours and thoughts. 


B - No, I will be happier if I achieve something in the future.  


C- Yes, I have past unhealthy habits, emotions and negative beliefs that would make me much happier if were removed.  

I am more likely to succeed when I’m on the journey with a group of like-minded individuals. 

A - Not really.


B - It doesn’t make a difference to me


C- Absolutely! I feel more supported and motivated this way.  

I have future life/career / relationship goals I want to reach, but it all feels so overwhelming.

 A - No, my issues are very much based on past and present problems. 

B - Yes, I know what I want for the future, I’m just not sure what it is specifically or how to get there. 


C- A little, although I feel if I could deal with my emotions and thoughts, I could reach my goals.   

I know what I should do, but I need accountability from others to get there. 

 A - No


B - Definately


C- Sometimes 

I am more comfortable in a 1:1 environment.

 A - Definitely, I may need to talk about private matters.

B - Yes, chatting to another person about what I want out of life, is very helpful.


C- No, I gain insights and ideas from listening to other people’s perspectives and it also makes me feel less alone.

I am being held back by my emotions and I need help to feel better.

 A - Definitely, I just need someone to help me.

B - Not really.  I feel I need more practical advice and accountability to feel happier.

C- Yes, I just need a structured plan and support to get me there. 

I have an unpredictable or busy schedule and I want to access my therapeutic tools in my own time and place.

 A - No, I’m pretty flexible and can commit to sessions.

B - Not really, although some tools and techniques to keep me on track in-between sessions would be great.


C-Definitely.  I like the flexibility of being able to access videos, audios and workbooks whenever I can.

It's easier for me to keep commitments to other people than myself.

 A - No, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me.

B - Yes, I need that kick up the ass!

C-Sometimes I do.

Being more emotionally resilient is a priority for me.

 A -Yes, absolutely.

B - Not really.

C-This is just what I need right now.

We recommend 1:1 Therapy

You may benefit from 1:1 therapeutic sessions, focusing on any specific emotional issues you may have right now including anxiety, depression, confidence issues, fears & phobias or unhealthy habits & behaviours.   Here, you will experience a blend of therapeutic approaches including hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR or BLAST to let go of negative or unhealthy emotions, thoughts and behaviours, completely structured around your individual needs and requirements.  

We recommend 1:1 Coaching

You may need additional support to achieve your future health, relationship, life or career goals right now, and would benefit from the direction and accountability of coaching.  You will be provided with personalised tools and exercises focused on your own requirements, to get you to where you want to be.  

We recommend Anxiety Ass Kicker 

Anxiety is holding you back right now. You may have tried other approaches or talking therapies but nothing has worked long term. The Anxiety Ass Kicker consists of a blend of hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching and mindfulness split into a powerful 6-week programme.  You will receive a weekly session, workbooks, guidebooks and audios (your “therapist in your pocket”), as well as support from Laura and the private Anxiety Ass Kicker Facebook group. 

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