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Anxiety Ass kicker

The fact you're reading these words right now, may mean that you've been feeling the exhausting symptoms of anxiety for quite some time.


It may be the constant feeling of worry or dread, those “what if” thoughts that just won’t shift, the sleepless nights, the anger or irritation, negative beliefs about yourself or your life, saying "no" and holding yourself back from, or just not living the life you deserve.

Is this how you feel?

So if you’ve been searching for the right approach to go “all in” and finally kick ass… congratulations!

The good news is, the fact you may have done your research, or tried other therapies which haven’t worked for you and have now decided that enough is enough, means you are one step closer to feeling calm, and strong, and shall we dare say it… happy!

You just need to plug all of this motivation and experience into the right approach to make sure you do get the results you need.

The Anxiety Ass Kicker is a fully holistic approach, allowing you to experience:



Stress Management Techniques 

Timeline Therapy 


As well as learning all the tools and techniques you will need to change your emotional state easily, let go of unhealthy habits, thoughts & behaviours and create the future you truly deserve, you will also leave the programme with a better understanding of yourself and exactly how capable you really are.

Each Ass Kicker Session is designed to meet the accountability and transformation you need to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

During the programme, you’ll:


  • Grow an awareness of how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally — without reaching “meltdown” levels.

  • Notice any unhelpful triggers; and how to remove the impact on your life

  • Create ability to halt the fear response and instil calm and control.

  • Learn how to change your negative self-talk – enabling you to head in a more positive direction.

  • Fully accept what is, and what isn’t within your control – and be ok with that.

  • Create a blueprint of your ideal future – embedding this on a subconscious level.

  • Leave with a toolkit of techniques – giving you the confidence that you can handle whatever life throws at you!


Whether this is your first stop at ending the hold that anxiety has over you… or if this your final straw… I can’t wait to help you FINALLY get it right!​​

“Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.”

Jack Canfield


Contact us here to arrange a free discovery call to find out more, or sign up below if you want to dive right in!

Aim #1:
How you think, feel and behave

The first aim of the programme is to build up your your confidence by empowering you with tools to use to deal with the threat response if it arises.  Anxiety impacts your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and we aim to cover all 3 of these areas during your journey.

This includes: 

  • Turn off the fight or flight response quickly and easily 

  • Stopping panic attacks in their track

  • Switching on your calm response 

  • Seeing those "what if" thoughts for what they really are

  • Living in the present instead of the past or future 

  • Untangling overwhelming thoughts

  • Identifying avoiding behaviours and triggers

Aim #2:
Letting go of the past and planning your future

The second aim of the programme is to deal with what led to the anxiety initially, allowing you to then lay the foundations for your future free of fear, pain, anger and regret, and filled with calm, happiness and excitement. . 

This includes: 

  • Letting go of any painful experiences from the past 

  • Identifying and replacing any self-limiting beliefs

  • Examining your life right now and examining any practical changes that can be made

  • Installing a positive future within your mind

  • Overloading your mind and body with sky-high confidence & self-belief! 

What do you get...

  • 6 x 90-minute online group sessions

  • A holistic blend of therapeutic techniques including Hypnotherapy, NLP, trauma therapy and coaching. 

  • Membership of a private supportive Facebook group (optional but so friendly and supportive!)

  • Course Guidebook with everything you need

  • Course Workbook to track your progress

  • Personal Growth Plan & Planner tools

  • A variety of practical techniques to vanquish anxiety and reinstate control

  • Hypnotic audios to embed subconscious change

  • Video lessons and audios to accompany your live sessions and workbooks.

Any more questions? Click here to request a discovery call. 

“My whole attitude to life has flipped and rather than seeing negative, I now see positive. I’m smiling
again, living a normal life and I can’t thank Laura enough for everything - she’s brought me back to


Ready to finally take charge of your life? 

Ready to finally enjoy each day with the people that you love?

Ready to finally let go of the power that the past holds over you?

Click below to arrange your discovery call to ask ay questions and get to know me  little more.

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