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Jun 26, 2024 - Sep 11, 2024

Anxiety Ass Kicker

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Where? Online How long? A 12 week programme Best for people who: - Are experiencing mild - moderate anxiety - Do not have the time or flexibility to attend in-person appointments. - Are feeling stressed, anxious or irritable, experiencing insomnia or physical issues due to racing thoughts or anxiety ​ What’s Included: The full Anxiety Ass Kicker Programme. - 12 x 90 minute online group sessions - Covering topics including self-limiting beliefs, removing negative thought loops, your fight/flight masterclass, panic attacks, rewiring an anxiety free mind and much, much more! - Membership of a private, supportive Facebook group (optional) - Printable Course Guidebook with all the information you need - Printable Course Workbook to keep track of your progress - Growth Plan & Planner tools - A toolkit of practical techniques to vanquish anxiety and invite calm & control - Access to the online resources of hypnotic audios, video demonstrations and walk-through's to truly embed subconscious change. Note: The course is not suitable for those who are experiencing severe depression or anxiety, experiencing suicidal ideation or more severe mental conditions. If in doubt, please consult your GP for advice before proceeding.

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