• Laura

Building Your Self-Confidence at Work

Many people wish they felt more secure about their abilities on the job. In other words, they're looking for increased self-confidence when it comes to performing the work, dealing with co-workers, and handling tough situations.

If you're one of these people, you're not alone. So, what can you do to feel more self-assured about your job?

First, remember that you are not your job.

That is, if you make a mistake at work, this does not mean that you are stupid, worthless, or that you're in the wrong position. It's all too easy to take mistakes personally, seeing them as a reflection of your true person rather than for what it is: a mistake.

Even though it may not always appear so, everyone makes mistakes occasionally. The best way to deal with a mistake is to own up to it right away and present a solution. This shows that you are honest, and by presenting ways to fix the problem, your manager can send you on your way to deal with the issue. Acting honestly and straightforwardly is always the best option for both you and for the company.

Another common issue is feeling insecure when it comes to coworkers.

Many people feel that they do not fit in, are not part of the “clique”, are unsure how to handle conflict, or have an overbearing co-worker or manager that they don't know how to communicate with. Any of these feelings can wear down your self-esteem.