• Laura

Mastering Anger Management

One key area that people ask me to help them with, is to control their anger. Anger is a perfectly natural, valid emotion, however uncontrollable or sudden anger can have a huge impact in all areas of life, personal and professional.

Is it a problem?

Understanding the difference between a healthy expression of an emotion, and having a problem with managing anger, can be difficult at first, however there are some signs which may suggest the latter.

  1. Cycles of unhealthy behaviour, leading to feelings of regret once the initial emotion has subsided.

  2. Anger having a detrimental impact on your relationships.

  3. An inability to have a difference of opinion, negotiation or discussion without feeling angry.

  4. Outward expressions of anger including shouting, swearing, being physically violent or threatening to others.

  5. Unhealthy inward expressions of anger including self-harm or turning to addictive substances.

In order to master anger management, it is essential to gain control over your emotions, by getting into a mindset that allows you to think before you act or speak. This second of thinking time can make all the difference between an explosion of anger and a more helpful alternative.

You may not be to blame for what is causing your anger, however the responsibility to deal with it is only yours. If you don't learn to control your anger, you may destroy the relationships around you and cause physical and emotional harm to everyone, including yourself.