• Laura

The Formula for Believing in Yourself

Are you successful? What actually is success? What does it take to succeed?

The first thing that comes to mind may be the "stuff". The beautiful, big house, high powered career, lots of money and perfect body. However science suggests that is isn't actually the "stuff" that makes is happy, and in fact, using these areas as benchmarks for success actually makes us less happy.

There is in fact a more significant factor that’s free and within your reach... believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself may be your most valuable resource, as it has a powerful impact on your behaviour, emotions and experiences. It is a mindset that motivates you in reaching your goals, it removes the invisible barriers that fear can use to hold you back, and it allows you to view your world without the filter of low self-belief.

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled, so how can you start increasing your faith in yourself?

Step 1

Mastering Confidence

When you’re feeling unsure, or overwhelmed, remind yourself that confidence is a skill you can develop. You might need to fake it sometimes, but gradually you’ll accept and trust yourself more.