• Laura

Therapy Or Coaching?

I receive so many enquiries from people who aren’t sure about whether they need coaching or therapy. They know they aren’t where they want to be in life, but are not sure what they need to get there. Is there are difference? In short… yes! So, what is the difference?

Therapy Therapy is primarily focused on improving or maintain your mental health, with the emotional or behavioural issues surrounding this. Depending on the therapy you choose, there may be some differences, however you may focus on: - A focus on resolving past trauma and emotional healing - Understanding emotional or behavioural triggers - Empowering your thoughts and emotions - Creating new, positive connections enabling you to “reframe” and view your world differently - Create a “clean slate” in order to continue your life positively Coaching Coaching is very much goal orientated. These goals could be personal, professional or even focusing on a particular sport or interest.

During your coaching session you may be helped to: - A focus on identifying areas of focus or improvement in order to encourage continued self-discovery and future growth - Create clearer direction, strategies and specific targets - Increase motivation to empower you to begin your chosen journey - Create new habits and behaviours which will help you reach your goals - Empowering thoughts and emotions - Create a personal accountability Which is option right for me? Some people visit me for different therapies, others for coaching. Some start a coaching programme however realise that there may be some unresolved personal issues that need to be worked through before continuing. Others visit me for a therapy programme and then want to continue with coaching now they feel more confident and emotionally healthy. As a general idea though… I may need to choose a therapist when:

  • I am experiencing mental health issues including depression or anxiety symptoms

  • I have unresolved trauma I need to resolve

  • I am being held back by my emotions

  • My emotions are causing me distress

  • My habits and behaviours are having a negative impact on my life now

  • I need to talk to someone impartial

I may need to choose a coach when:

  • I feel like