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Hey, I'm Laura.


I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress Management Consultant, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and EMDR Practitioner based in Redditch, Worcestershire.

I started the Mind Loft when… I received hypnotherapy myself many years ago, which allowed me to let go of years of emotions that had built up gradually over time.  


Once my mind was finally able to clear, I was able to see things in their true perspective and I realised that what I actually loved to do best was to help people who felt just like I did!

I aim to help people by... giving them the tools and confidence to help themselves. Everyone is different, so by using a blend of approaches, each person can select what works for them best. 

By the end of their journey, my aim is that they have built up resilience for those times when life is difficult, let go of the weight of the past, are able to let go of what isn’t within their control, and have sky high confidence and motivation to take them to where they want to be in life. 


fun facts about me...


you will find me walking my Cocker Spaniel Elsie with my husband and 2 children 


I love coffee – Espresso, Americano, iced coffee, Espresso Martini, coffee cake – if it tastes like coffee then it’s for me!


I love to cook and can make a mean Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash curry 


I love to learn, be it through books and courses on neuroscience and human behaviour or other areas such as learning to play the piano. 

To me, The Mind Loft is... a warm, non-judgmental welcoming place for all.  


You want to join a group course but feel cripplingly shy? 

No problem, just watch the videos on replay and just read the discussions in the private group.  


You have trauma that you don’t want to talk about out loud? 

No problem, we can work 121 content free to all the change happens inside your mind.  


You have been bullied in the past and you dread the thought of others judging or laughing at you again? 

No problem, I take everyone I see at face value, and we can take things at the rate in which you’re comfortable. 


You’ve booked your session for the same night as a Halloween party? 

No problem, you can attend therapy dressed a Cruella De Ville (yep, this really happened!). 


This ethos encompasses both my treatment room and private Facebook group. You may not feel you have anyone to turn to in the “real” world right now, but you are always welcome at The Mind Loft with open arms.


I love to work with people who... are truly ready for change and are willing to do everything to make it happen!  I can guide you, but you need to take those steps yourself. 

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