Takes place: In-person or online

Cost: £70 single session / £240 for 4 sessions. Payment plans are available.


Best for you if:

  • You have a specific issue which is holding you back, such as emotional issues, phobias, unhealthy habits or behaviours, or recent issues with anxiety and low mood. 

  • You want to let go of any negative emotions due to past experiences.


What’s Included:

  • A 1:1 90 minute bespoke session focusing on your individual issue.

  • A holistic blend of therapies targeted to your specific requirements which may include hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, EMDR or BLAST.

  • Email follow up containing workbooks, audios or videos of any tools or techniques covered.

Please book a free consultation call in order to schedule your first session.



Takes place: In-person or online

Cost: 6 week coaching programme (£330 in total).  Payment Plans are available


Best for you if:

  • Feel “stuck” in your personal or professional life

  • Are not happy and are unsure why 

  • Have released previous emotional blocks and are now motivated to take the next step in your journey 

  • You want an initial coaching session focusing on goal setting or to explore your core values


What’s Included:

  • Initial 90 minute goal setting session

  • Bespoke 60 minute subsequent sessions focusing on progression and guidance on overcoming any roadblocks. 

  • A blend of coaching interventions including coaching tools & techniques, NLP and hypnotherapy.  

  • Personal growth plan 

  • Goal setting tools

  • Planners and trackers  

  • Discovery of your core values and motivations

  • Regular accountability nudges including texts and emails from Laura

  • Email follow up’s including containing any tools or techniques covered.

Please book a free consultation call in order to schedule your first session.


Current Courses Scheduled: 

Fully booked ***The Stress Less New Year 6 Week Coaching Programme*** Fully booked

Cost: £47 

Course Length: 6 weeks

Start Date: Launching 5th January 2022

Best for people who:

  • Want to set the best tone possible for the new year

  • Want to learn how to reduce stress levels

  • Want  a little more clarity as they enter 2022

  • May or may not know what their goals are, but want some help and accountability to reach them!

What’s Included:

An online group programme aimed at helping you start 2022 the best way possible! The programme involves 6 weekly, online, group coaching sessions (replays available for those that can't make it) consisting of: 

  • Stress Management exercises

  • Goal setting, tracking and accountability focus

  • Guided mindfulness practice

  • A small, intimate online group ensures you will be surrounded by a group of positive, like-minded individuals, cheering you on every step of the way. 

  • In addition you will also receive a comprehensive Programme Guidebook, Workbook and MP3 mindfulness & hypnotherapy audios to support your journey into a calm, content 2022!

What does it cover?

Week 1: Motivation Booster! / Stress Less tool #1

Week 2: Taking stock of the present / Stress Less tool #2

Week 3: Goal Setting / Stress Less tool #3

Week 4: Dealing with obstacles / Stress Less tool #4

Week 5: Maintaining great habits & routines / Stress Less tool #5

Week 6: Embedding your ideal 2022 blueprint / Stress Less tool #6

Imagine how different things could be for you this year?


Takes place: In-person or online

Course length: 4 session / 8 week programme

Cost: £240 – Payment plans are available.

Book: Please book a free consultation call first 


Best for people who:

  • Are experiencing moderate to more severe anxiety and may prefer a 1:1 therapeutic setting 

  • Have previous trauma or negative experiences to work through 121

  • Are feeling stressed, anxious or irritable, experiencing insomnia or physical issues due to racing thoughts or anxiety 


What’s Included:

  • The full Anxiety Ass Kicker Programme with bespoke individual elements dedicated to previous traumas or negative past events.

  • 4 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions

  • Sessions offered in-person (Redditch office) or online if you prefer.

  • Covering topics specific to your needs such as self-limiting beliefs, negative thought loops, anxiety masterclass, panic attacks, rewiring an anxiety free mind and much more!

  • Comprehensive “Letting go” sessions focusing on any previous trauma or baggage from the past, allowing you to wipe that slate clean once and for all. .

  • A blend of therapeutic techniques including Hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching and trauma therapies such as EMDR & Timeline Therapy. 

  • Membership of a private, supportive Facebook group (optional)

  • Course Guidebook with all the information you need

  • Course Workbook to keep track of your progress

  • Personal Growth Plan & Planner tools

  • A variety of practical techniques to vanquish anxiety and reinstate control

  • Access to the online resources of hypnotic audios, video demonstrations and walk-through's to truly embed subconscious change.


Please book a free consultation call before you book your first session.

Corporate / Schools & Colleges

Takes place: Onsite, offsite within a suitable training venue, or online 

Cost: Dependant upon requirements   

Book: Please contact us to discuss your corporate needs


Best for Organisations that:

  • Wish to incorporate mental health and wellbeing into their employee strategies, policies and long-term company vision

  • Are striving to achieving a healthier, happier, positive working environment and company culture

  • Wish to reduce sickness absence, employee turnover and recruitment & onboarding costs

  • Needs to increase productivity and employee engagement

  •  Wish to have an honest and open dialogue around mental health 

  • May currently have issues within a particular team regarding work-based stress 

  • Wish to reward their team with a relaxation and well-being session

  • To develop their management team’s influence on employee stress levels, overall satisfaction, workplace stress and wellbeing as well as company culture.



Options Include

Group Workshops 

topics could include Stress Management; Resilience Building; Effective Communication ; Relaxation & Well-being or Team Coaching


Management Development 

professional growth topics could include Stress Management for your Employees; Recognising Stress and Building Resilience within your Team.

Personal growth topics could include Stress Management within the Workplace; General Wellbeing & Relaxation; Maintaining Work-Life Balance; Goal setting


1:1 Employee Sessions

topics could include Stress Management; Resilience Building; Effective Communication; Relaxation & Well-being or Team Coaching

Options Include:


Individual Therapy: 

Ideal for employees who have reported early signs of pressures, or who are at risk of, or are currently, absent due to mental health concerns. 


Individual Coaching:

Ideal for developing employee strengths, identifying employee goals and potential,

increasing motivation and enthusiasm, improving employee retention, creating employee attraction offering and identify strengths within an organisation.

Download our Organisational Wellness brochure here